The Turkey Leg Hut Reservation Policy

We would like to thank you for choosing The Turkey Leg Hut for your special event. Listed below is our reservation policy please read carefully to ensure your event is properly booked with us.
1. Guests may have a PREFERENCE on where they want to sit but it is NOT GUARANTEED that they will sit there.
2. All reservations require a non-refundable deposit in order to Book.
3. All parties must be booked AT LEAST 48 hours before the reservation date. All deposits must be made the day of booking reservation.
4. The deposit is applied towards your bill on the day of your event, if you fail to show for reservation all monies paid towards the reservation is forfeited.
5. All Reservations Have a 18% Service Charge on the TOTAL BILL
6. There will be NO EXTRA SEATS given to the party after the reservation is booked.
7. All Reservations must claim their table by the specified time, or the table will be released and your party will be placed on a waiting list and deposit will be forfeited.
8. All Reservations have a 2 HOUR LIMIT.
9. All Reservations must have a COMPLETE PARTY by the specified time in order to be seated. Incomplete parties will not be sat. NO EXCEPTIONS!
10. All Reservations must confirm their reservation through our online portal by e-signing a contract and pay a deposit in order to finalize their reservation.
11. All guests must be in Turkey Leg Hut Dress Code.
12. The Deposit goes towards food and drinks and does not include taxes or service charge.
13. The Deposit CAN NOT be split on separate checks. The Deposit will ONLY be applied to ONE CHECK NO EXCEPTIONS!
14. ALL DEPOSITS once received are NON-REFUNDABLE. In the Event of restaurant closure due to weather or closures due to state regulations such as covid-19, boil water notice or power outages... DEPOSIT WILL NOT be REFUNDED. The Deposit can only be used towards a to-go order ( in a time setting ) or Will be on reserve for a full calendar year from the original schedule reservation to use towards a new reservation.
15. IF you are unable to attend your reservation due to flight cancellations, flight delays or Family emergencies you must contact a reservation specialist at least 24 hours prior to your reservation in order to reschedule. If you fail to contact a reservation specialist prior to your missed reservation you will forfeit all monies paid and must submit another deposit for a new reservation.